Hackathon Is Coming!

This is a three-hour programming feast that brings together the world's top training teams. The GDSS(Global Data & Storage Summit ) joins forces with the SNIA and the Intel PM team to create a hacker carnival! July 23rd, 13:30-16:30, GDSS (Xi'an Station) hackathon event, now invite you to participate!


Attendees use the PM system, and the instructor will help attendees understand how to identify PM in the system, file library compilation, and introduce the theory of PM programming (here related to some concepts in multithreaded programming).

Who can participate

Everyone interested in technology is welcome to join. As long as you understand the C++ programming language, whether you are developer, architect, student, or technology savvy who cares about data storage. Come here to study and communicate.


Please bring your laptop and download the SSH client. The tutor will set up a web-based virtual machine for each participant to facilitate system login.


13:30 Introductions and tutorial on PM
14:00 Basic system configuration for PM system, build environment for programming
14:30 Intro to programming PM
15:15 Workload analysis tool demo
15:45 Advanced programming concepts and hacking
16:30 End