Speaker:Alan Wu

Alibaba Senior Staff engineer

Topic: Unify Storage Engine for Cloud Computing

Aims to satisfy variable storage requirements for Cloud Computing, a unify storage engine named Pangu for cloud computing has been built by Alibaba. In this speech, some technologies will be discussed such like how to make data reliable even if hardware failure and how to guarantee service available in case domain failure. By now, new storage media like NVMe SSD and Optane has been widely deployed in data center by Pangu, so some practices also will be shared in this topic.

Speaker:Eden Kim

SNIA SSSI Chairman & Calypso CEO

Topic: Real World Application Workloads and Advanced Storage - Comparing Datacenter DCPMM & NVMe

Datacenter Real World Workloads for GPS Nav Portal, Retail Web Portal and Datacenter Boot & Storage Activity are compared on 3D Cross Point Data Center Persistent Memory Modules and Data Center NVMe SSDs. See Replay test and synthetic benchmark performance using both byte addressable and block IO modes.

Speaker:Linfeng Shen

IBM China Snr Software Eng

Speaker:Wei Gong

IBM China Snr Software Eng

Topic: High Performance Scale Out Storage using IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition

This session shares the basic conception of Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition and how its deployed and reference architecture of workloads that best supported.

Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition (ECE) is a new Spectrum Scale offering to provide high performance scale out storage system based on Spectrum Scale RAID. Spectrum Scale ECE runs in commercial storage rich server with minimal HW dependences and turns multiple of them with high speed ethernet or IB network into a highly scalable storage tier that meets highest demands on performance and resiliency while at the same time addresses operational challenges like drive replacement, slow / miss-behaving HW. Spectrum Scale ECE provides 50% ROI on storage capacity compared to mirrored solutions and a significant saving in operation costs compared to other solutions in this space. Fast rebuild for disk failure, data end-to-end checksum and automatically disk hospital service your growing AI and Analytics workload and protect your data combined with all exist Spectrum Scale enterprise storage system advanced features such as encryption, ILM, compression and so on.

Audiences of this session can understand how Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition works, deployed for various best supported workload and how it reduces complexities for management.

Speaker:Ziye Yang

Intel China Software Cloud Engineer

Topic: SPDK based user space NVMe over TCP transport solution

SPDK (storage performance development kit, http://spdk.io) already provides accelerated user space NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) target, which provides much better performance compared with kernel solution on RDMA transport. And it is adopted by many cloud storage service vendors in China. In November 2018, NVM express releases the new spec of TCP transport for NVMe over fabrics. In this talk, we would like to introduce the design, implementation and development plan of NVMe-oF TCP transport in SPDK . Currently, SPDK implements both TCP transport in host and target side, and can be tested against Linux kernel solution with good interoperability. Besides, some experiments results will be presented to demonstrate the performance and scalability of SPDK's NVMe-oF TCP transport implementation. Moreover, we will introduce some techniques for the further performance improvement of SPDK's solution, e.g., (1) leveraging user space TCP stack (e.g., VPP + DPDK) to replace the kernel TCP stack; (2) leveraging some features of hardware such as ADQ on Intel's 100Gbit NIC(i.e., E810 NIC). Compared with kernel solution, SPDK based NVMe-oF solution has much better per CPU core performance in different aspects (e.g., IOPS, latency).

Speaker:David Zhang

Mellanox Dir of Solution Marketing

Topic: Simplifying NVMe Flash Storage with Mellanox SNAP

The Mellanox NVMe SNAP (Software-defined Network Accelerated Processing) framework enables customers to easily integrate networked storage solutions into their cloud or enterprise server deployments. NVMe SNAP brings virtualized storage to bare-metal clouds and makes composable storage simple. It enables the efficient disaggregation of compute and storage to allow fully-optimized resource utilization.

Speaker:Yubo Pi

Memblaze Snr Tech Expert

Topic: Introduction of NVMe SSD new feature and the application

Firstly briefly introduce the trend of enterprise SSD market, followed by the NVMe protocol and its new features, including multi namespace and IOD, finally discuss about the benefit of these features in real application.